In Memory of a Great Little Friend


Photo by Roger Halstead
Copyright 1997

The Story behind the Photo

In early November I was busy making and installing storm windows on the back or our house.
I was in the process of putting away the tools when my wife, Joyce, called to me and said that I should take a look in the back bedroom.
What I found was Smokey setting on top of a seven foot stepladder looking into the bedroom through the window.
I grabbed the camera which happened to already have the flash attached, stepped into the bedroom and got off two quick shots.
This shot has been cropped and enlarged quite a bit and considering that it was shot through two layers of glass and one layer of 1/8" plexiglass I consider the quality to be far better than expected.
What appear to be vertical lines in the picture are reflections from the window frame.

I also found that at particular sizes such as setting the picture to 300 X 320 rather than the current 450 X 470 produced distinct artifacts that look much like a checkerboard. So... The image is staying slightly larger than I'd prefer.

Camera (Nikon F4-S) Lens (Nikon 24 - 120 Zoom at F5.6) Shutter speed (1/250) Flash (dedicated) Film (Fujicolor ASA 400)

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