Three stages of a cats attitude
When Streak was a much smaller kitten



Oops! What's that?

Has it seen me yet?

I'm gonna get me one of those!
Hey! How about some privacy?


Go Away! Please...

Streak Grew Up!

NOTE these three pictures are high resolution of about 330K

BTW, That is my Ham Station Amplifier on which he's laying for a size comparrison.
The cabinet is over 19 inches wide.
Streak is over three feet long, from toes to toes when stretched out, stands nearly 14 inches high at the front shoulders, and weighs over 18#.

If you look closely you will see he's nearly reaching the dead bolt while the door handle is just above his nose.

Streak has never learned the fine art of jumping, at least not gracefully like most cats. He just leaves the landing gear hanging out and his nose pointed at the landing spot/target.

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