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I'm Retired!

I retired from The Dow Corning Corporation where I worked as a Developmental Analyst doing in-house consulting and Project management on the 30th of July this year..

Before I retired my work was:

--Translated--I've been workin with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) long enough to be able to write programs that will do something. (Developmental Analyst)
--I've been working with LIMS long enough that others sometimes ask my opinion. (in-house consultant)
--I've been working with LIMS long enough that I'm allowed to help other sites implement LIMS. (Project Management)

Now I should be able to get that airplane (Glasair III) built and do some fun flying and serious playing.. I hope.

Of course if someone wants some consulting and is willing to pay my rates... I do have a very good background in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and in particular VGLIMS by LabSystems


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