Photos of the Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.5Kfx solid state KW Amp.

Photos are 1680 X 1050 pixels (about 1.5 Meg each) for detail so they may be larger than screen size on many monitors.

Image #1, Highly magnified are showing tiny scratch


Top View

Top and Rear View

Data Plate

Partial view of station. 756 Pro is to the left and hidden behind a wide screen monitor. Conduit behind amp carries coax

Front View with detail. Even lint shows up.

Rear view  - Top right shows the Kenwood interface, ALC adjustment, Keying line lables STBY, and under that the ALC line. If you have the larger Yaesu transceivers use the connectore labled Yaesu.  The cable must be modified for the smaller Yaesu transceivers and use a mini DIN connector on the other end. This missed this in the HL-1.5Kfx manual so you have to look up the pin-outs in the Yaesu manual or possibly on-line. There are two connectors for Icoms with a switch to the left of the CI-V socket to select either input. The easiest is using the CI-V interface. There is also a large DIN connector and cable to interface with the Tokyo Hy-Power Auto-Tuner



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