Our Christmas Cat

By Roger Halstead

Copyright 1996

Well, the time is running out, the deadline is near,
I've done all my shopping at least for this year.

I've done all the shopping that I normally do
which is to let my wife pick out all the presents
while I get one for her too.

We have a feisty old cat so we don't have a tree
He would break all ornaments which don't come for free

Last night I awoke to a terrible shout
as the cat bounced off my back on his way going out

The cat had used my wife's head for a place to curl up
and to sleep it would seem
He snored in her ear and interrupted her dream

Her sleep interrupted and humor departed
The cat's nap had ended somewhat quicker than it started

The "squirt gun" is loaded and handy to me
A water soaked cat is something to see

The presents are all piled where the tree should be
That old cat is snooping around to see what he can see
He may twist and turn and struggle a bit
just to find out into what he can fit

When the presents are opened and we sit down to dine
He curls up in an empty box and purrs "This one is mine"!

Now if others were so easy to please
I'd get my shopping done early and with ease

I'd have all that money left to buy toys
and go out and play like the other big boys

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