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The EAA's Ford Tri-motor's visit to Midland Michigan's Barstow Airport (3BS)

Sunday (arrival and preparation)   Monday  Tuesday-1 Tuesday-2 Wednesday-1  Wednesday-2.



The EAA trailer arrived just after a heavy rain

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get those barrels apart

Maybe a bit of supervision will help

And... Finally they come apart.

Now to decide what goes where, next

The preliminary layout of the crowd traffic guidelines

Another big storm to the West and the Tri-motor is due

And here it comes after a trip around the North end
of Lake Michigan

It makes quite a majestic sight flying overhead

Followed by a quick pass over town,
IF you can call flying at 85 MPH quick

A nice gentle wheel landing by Cody

The closer it gets the bigger it looks....But
They hadn't learned much about streamlining and drag yet

Turning it around makes for a tight fit.

Left: Cody Welch, Tri-motor pilot
Right: Vintage Aircraft Association President-



First thing, First day, the start of the safety briefing

Remember those propellers




Next comes the passengers and flights


The cabin as seen from the rear door.  There
are 10 seats including pilot and copilot






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