Jack Yoder 

(Images Copyright Roger Halstead 2005)

Jack was a common sight around Midland Barstow Airport and usually giving kids (of all ages) rides


Jack in Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy (GP-4) on take off

and around the patch with the gear still down



Cotton Candy in the Airport Days "line up"


A fly-in picnic at Jack's house/hanger

The Ford Fliver Project in Jack's garage.


Jack arriving at Oshkosh in Cotton Candy

You'll note the personal attention

Of course few others were there


Still... The TV crew was waiting

They were there almost as soon as Jack

Getting wired for the interview


Ready for Air Time

Jack was always ready to pitch in and help, but he tried to keep from getting too close
as is seen in helping start a reluctant Lancair 320



N159JY Headed Out



Jack's Cuda (N159JY) after a good flight

Yours truly after the first time at the controls of the "Cuda"

The "Cuda" even served as portable shade at times. (Man, It was hot that day!)
Under the wing are the three youngsters who won the "Kids to Oshkosh" trip
sponsored by Midland's EAA Chapter 1093. 

No mater what else was around Cotton Candy always drew onlookers

Jack, doing his job as an EAA Technical Advisor


Some shots of Cotton Candy


Note the "racy" Pin-Ups on the wall.


Always measuring and adjusting.




First Engine run-up



Jack was always an early arrival at Oshkosh

Of course the "Welcome Wagon" was there!

Now! How the Devil does that gear operate?


Comparing the sleek lines of the GP-4 to a Cessna 172 at the pumps

I think Jack adjusted the dimensions so a head-set would just clear


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