The Current "Shop Station 2010"

Bottom Row:  Astron 50A PS, MFJ Antenna Analyzer, Icom 756 Pro, PST-61 Rotator control box
Top Row: Satellite receiver, Emtron DX-2SP, Palstar AT5K tuner
Far Left, Network patch panel (on wall), Remote antenna switch, Diawa SWR indicator, Palstar DL5K Dummy Load, 6-Pack Control head

I use the peak reading Daiwa watt meter as well as the Peak reading watt meter in the Palstar AT5K tuner to keep the output to 1500 watts at which the DX-2SP just loafs along. It'll run continuous 1500 out on digital 24 X 7  with out worrying about over heating.

I switch to the antenna analyzer adjust the AT5K for R=52, X=0, then tune the DX-2sp into the dummy load, and then switch the station to the antenna ready to go without putting a signal on-the-air.

Photo by Roger Halstead
Copyright 2010

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