Feedpoint for the 75 Meter Fan Dipole with a 5 Core, 2.4"OD #31 Mix 6 turn Current Balun

Note the Plexiglass insulator with the coax epoxied in place and the Ceramic Insulator on the bottom side. Connections are made with wire nuts which do not show well due to the bright back lighting. the coax is seperated and thouroughly coated with multiplelayers of Liquid Electrical tape.  The coax is epoxied in place inside the ferrite cores although at this radius it takes a lot of pull to move the coax at all. As the coax tries to maintain the same radius inside the cores as it does on the outside it grips the cores and the other turns quite strongly. The radius of the turn where the coax comes out of the Plexiglass is not nearly as sharp as it looks.

Photo by Roger Halstead
Copyright 2012

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