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These pages will be in a constant state of change over the next few weeks (I Hope!) as I update and add material. Remember there are nearly 400 photos to start, not all of which will be posted after editing.


The Ford Tri-motor visit to Midland Michigan's Barstow Airport (3BS)
Page 6  Wednesday Part 2

Arrival and setup  Monday  Tuesday-1, Tuesday-2 Wednesday-1 Wednesday-2

 NOTE:  This is the last batch of photos. Now comes the linking from some of the smaller ones to the larger 800 X 600 versions.   Full size (a bit over 4288 X 2848) are just too large to put up and would be slow to download on a good high speed connection.  Many are not captioned where passengers are shown as there are many whose names I don't know.  I may have to enlarge the fonts, but there's not a lot of room to do so on smaller screens.




Below is a series of the ground crew.
Unfortunately as we had different people
working different times on different days
I was unable to get them all.


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