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The Ford Tri-motor visit to Midland Michigan's Barstow Airport (3BS)
Page 5  Wednesday Part 1

Arrival and setup  Monday  Tuesday-1, Tuesday-2 Wednesday-1 Wednesday-2 .


Like the introduction page these following pages consist of 200 X 300 pixel versions being about 20 to 30K each. When time permits these will be linked to some 800 X 530 images (about 100K each) to give a much more detailed view. Once completed, clicking on the small displayed image will bring up the 800 X 600 images.  The full size are just too large to put up and would take a good high speed connection to download. I'll upload the small images first, then try to caption each photo, but I may not be able to get them all where passengers are shown.  I may have to enlarge the fonts, but there's not a lot of room to do so on smaller screens. Sorry, I don't have all photos captioned, but maybe some day.

A little body English for emphasis

And one more happy co-pilot

That tire look a little soft to you?

Cody Welch...
Lands the Ford Tri-motor
as if he's been flying it for years, which he has!
Yours truly in the right seat
and ready to go!


A final wave
before entrusting my life to Cody
Photo Courtesy of Dot Hornsby

A look in back reveals an excited group ready
to go flying and with " all cameras pointed Forward!"
And eagerly ready to "go flying"
in a 80? Year old airplane.
As the Tri-motor can be airborne in a few hundred feet,
we take the runway with lots left to spare
The view down the runway as the tail comes up A light touch on the controls and the
ride is like sitting in an easy chair.
Home sweet home,
just 5 miles off the end of runway 06

And this is what the runway looks like
when on final
And a bit closer to touch down.
Yes, it  looks much larger when landing.
Yup! I survived riding in an airplane
even older than I am.
A couple more happy flyers    









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