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The Ford Tri-motor visit to Midland Michigan's Barstow Airport (3BS)

Page 3,Tuesday Part 1

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Like the introduction page these following pages will consist of 200 X 300 pixel versions being about 20 to 30K each. When time permits these will be linked to some 800 X 530 images (about 100K each) to give a much more detailed view. Once completed, clicking on the small displayed image will bring up the 800 X 600 images.  The full size are just too large to put up and would take a good high speed connection to download. I'll upload the small images first, then try to caption each photo, but I may not be able to get them all where passengers are shown.  I may have to enlarge the fonts, but there's not a lot of room to do so on smaller screens.

We're getting an early start with the first load
out before 9:00.  The red chair is for the co-pilot

Every one is ready to go, Dennis is ready with
the briefing

Coming in to the first landing of the morning.

Right wind a bit low for the cross wind.

And...Cody greases the right main on.

One more happy co-pilot.  How many can say
they've flown right seat in a Ford Tri-motor

Not all passengers appeared  calm and collected

But that was Linda, an ATP Hamming it up.

Another attentive group waiting their turn.

Finally...The ground crew gets a bite to eat.

The briefing as seen from the passenger's view

Lining up to board.

Show your tickets here and watch that first step.
This is the way it used to be done!





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